Vishal Gupta - ClassE

ClassE (pronounced “classy”) is an open-source software tool for academic timetabling. It was designed in close collaboration with Sloan Educational Services (SES) and has been used as part of the scheduling process at the Sloan School of Management since Fall 2012.

Unlike other time-tabling software, ClassE focuses on finding fair classroom and time allocations taking into account room and time constraints, and the preferences of faculty members and students. ClassE uses integer optimization to identify a candidate timetable, and supports on-the-fly analytics via a simple, graphical interface. Through this interface, users can explore features of the candidate timetable, suggest alterations, and tune the algorithm to balance different, competing objectives.

See the screenshots below for more details. Clicking on an image opens a higher resolution version. Code to be uploaded soon to github.


A dashboard gives a high-level overview of the allocation.


Fairness metrics ensure no department is unfairly penalized in the allocation.


Other metrics, like excess capacity, help ensure that SES meets internal targets for scheduling efficiency.


Heat maps give a birds-eye-view of congestion and usage.