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Some of my projects have been covered by the press. This page contains a selection of high profile articles. This list is not complete. There have been far more than 200 articles in newspapers and blogs in many languages and it is impossible to generate a complete list.


Looking around corners

Laser camera takes photos around corners article with video

A camera that peers around corners article with video

'See-around-a-corner' camera prototype unveiled article
Discovery News
Next Superpower: Seeing Around Corners article
MIT's laser-powered camera can detect objects hidden around corners (video) article

At MIT, they find a way to see around corners article
New Scientist
Superfast laser camera peers around corners article
Handelsblatt (Germany)
Kamera schaut um die Ecke article with video
Focus (Germany)
Laserkamera kann um die Ecke fotografieren article with video
MIT camera uses lasers to capture images from around corners article
Why Seeing Around Corners May Become Next 'Superpower' article
Spectrum der Wissenschaft (Germany)
Um die Ecke geschaut article with video
ORF (Austria)
Berechnete Bilderwelten article with video

High speed video

TEDGlobal: Camera shows off speed of light images

BBC News
  The Future of Light-Based Technologies

Interview with "Spectroscopy"

Trillion-frame-per-second video

Capturing video at the speed of light - one trillion frames per second
MIT News (with video)

Speed of Light Lingers in Face of New Camera The New York Times

The World’s Fastest Camera
ABC Nightline (with video)

MIT's trillion frames per second light-tracking camera BBC News

Camera captures light particles moving through space msnbc

Camera captures one trillion frames per second CBS News (with video)

MIT Researchers Capture the Speed of Light on Camera TIME (with video)

Trillion FPS Camera Captures Advancing Light Waves Wired (with video)

MIT camera system captures speed of light CNN Blog (with video)

The camera that can capture 1 trillion frames a second - fast enough for slow-motion video of light particles Daily Mail

Ultrafast imaging system: Speed of light lingers in face of new camera The Economic Times (with video)

New MIT video camera shoots a trillion frames per second Discovery News (with video)

Video: A Trillion-Frame-Per-Second Camera Captures Individual Photons Moving Through Space Popular Science (with video)

Ultrafast Camera Records at Speed of Light Scientific American Blog (with video)

Trillion-Frame-Per-Second Video: Researchers Have Created an Imaging System That Makes Light Look Slow Science Daily (with video)

MIT builds camera that can capture at the speed of light Engadget (with video)

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