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  • Fractional Set Cover in the Streaming Model. APPROX 2017. Slides
  • Towards Tight Bounds for the Streaming Set Cover Problem. PODS 2016. Slides
  • On Streaming and Communication Complexity of The Set Cover Problem. DISC 2014. Slides
  • Improved Approximation Algorithms for Degree-bounded Network Design Problems with Node Connectivity Requirements. STOC 2014. Slides
  • Approximation Algorithm for Degree-bounded Network Design Problems. Sharif UT, December 2013. Slides
  • Improved Approximation Algorithm for Min-Cost k-connected Spanning Subgraph Problem. UIUC theory seminar, February 2013.
  • Prize-collecting Survivable Network Design in Node-weighted Graphs. APPROX/RANDOM 2012. Slides
    UIUC theory seminar, September 2012. Slides
  • Node-weighted Network Design in Planar and Minor-closed Families of Graphs. UIUC theory seminar, February 2012.