Physics of Living Systems Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • toddging at mit dot edu
  • tgingrich at gmail dot com


  • I have accepted a new job! Starting in Fall 2018 I will be an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University. A Gingrich Group website is under construction.

Recent Work:

  • G. Bisker, M. Polettini, T.R. Gingrich, and J.M. Horowitz. "Hierarchical Bounds on Entropy Production Inferred from Partial Information." arXiv:1708.06769, 2017. [To appear in J. Stat. Mech.] [LINK]
  • T.R. Gingrich and J.M. Horowitz. "Fundamental Bounds on First Passage Time Fluctuations for Currents." arXiv:1706.09027, 2017. [LINK]
  • J.M. Horowitz and T.R. Gingrich. "Proof of the Finite-Time Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relation for Steady-State Currents." Physical Review E (Rapid Communications) [Editor's Choice], 96, 2017. [LINK]
  • R. Zakine, A. Solon, T.R. Gingrich, and F. van Wijland. "Stochastic Stirling engine operating in contact with active baths." Entropy, 19(5), 193, 2017. [LINK]
  • T.R. Gingrich, G.M. Rotskoff, and J.M. Horowitz. "Inferring dissipation from current fluctuations." Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 50, 184004, 2017. [LINK]
  • T.R. Gingrich, G.M. Rotskoff, G.E. Crooks, and P.L. Geissler. "Near-optimal protocols in complex nonequilibrium transformations." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(37), 10263, 2016. [LINK]
  • T.R. Gingrich, J.M. Horowitz, N. Perunov, and J.L. England. "Dissipation bounds all steady-state current fluctuations." Physical Review Letters 116, 2016. [LINK]