Theodore Yoder

tjyoder at mit dot edu

I am a PhD student at MIT, working in quantum information theory under Professor Isaac Chuang. Here is my CV.

Current Research Interests

Fault-tolerant gates Constructed universal, fault-tolerant logical gate sets on small quantum codes without using any logical ancillas
Small fault-tolerant designs What is the smallest fault-tolerant design? Can a high threshold be maintained even with few ancillas and local interactions?
Fault-tolerance thresholds Investigated procedures to calculate thresholds of fault-tolerant Clifford circuits in poly-time on a classical computer
Self-correction How can self-correcting quantum memories simplify logical gates and encoded algorithms?
Quantum software How do we use quantum states as Hamiltonians and how many copies do we need? Proved and saturated lower bounds
Quantum Bernoulli factories What probability distributions can you make given an unknown single qubit unitary? On one qubit, equivalent to solving symmetric boolean functions.

Selected Publications