Trent Piercy

Hi, I'm an undergrad at MIT from Austin, TX studying computer science (6-3). I also swim for MIT's varsity Swim and Dive Team.

Previously, I was President of VR/AR@MIT and I've UROPed with the Human Systems Lab and the MIT.nano Immersion Lab. Recently I've interned at SpaceX with Falcon Flight Software Team, Blizzard with Platform SDK Team, and AMD with SoC Performance Architecture Team.

Contact me
* Email
* Keybase trentpiercy
* GitHub @trentpiercy
* LinkedIn trentpiercy

Here's some of my work
* Thrifthouse
- Flutter/Dart, Firebase, Android, iOS, Web
- MIT Immersion Lab, Medical, VR, Unity/C#
* VR-Frogger
- MIT Immersion Lab, VR, Unity/C#
* vMCC
- MIT Human Systems Lab, VR, Unity/C#
* Trace
- Flutter/Dart, Android, iOS
* Flutter Candlesticks
- Flutter, Dart, Android, iOS
* Secret Hitler
- Vue.js, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
* Austin Parks
- HTML/CSS, JavaScript