The Thistle Volume 13, Number 2: Sept./Oct., 2000.

the CIA ran drugs

the CIA ran drugs
the laws used to make sense to me

it was the eighties
our economy was booming for now
there was war
we had nothing to do with
rebel government in Central America
rebel thinking in Central America
Washington shit itself
hush hush weapons supply to contras
running our bodies, our industry,
not our guns someone else
but our money to pay
our economy was booming at the moment
federal agents are drug dealers

the CIA ran drugs
Reagan knew it
that mother fucker knew all about it
hope he dies a painful tortured death
responsibility accountability will catch up
ignore the crack the CIA is running
crack down on minorities using crack
war on drugs is diversion
marijuana is the new monster
new apartheid in prisons shocking
race divisions, class divisions
but it’s for their own good rehabilitate

the CIA ran drugs
coffee beans to coca leaves
third world economies
bent for our purposes
our bodies our companies
their starvation is our wealth
they’re not noble
they can kill guerrillas, peasants, children
imprison blacks, hispanics
expendable in the new world order
just hide forget ignore dismiss
statistics and you can say
whatever you want

the CIA ran drugs
I know they’ll never admit it to me
but I know what laws are for now
we cradle them, they break them
we are controlled by them,
they control us with them
nothing they say has any meaning for me
the CIA ran drugs


The Thistle Volume 13, Number 2: Sept./Oct., 2000.