The Thistle Volume 13, Number 1: August 29, 2000.

Welcome to the Thistle

Hello. Thanks for picking up a copy of the Back to School / Orientation issue of the Thistle.

Because this paper probably contains a different kind of information than you would find in say, the New York Times or any of the other corporate owned papers as well as in other MIT papers like The Tech, we thought it would be appropriate to tell you a little bit our organization and our intentions in publishing this paper.

the Thistle is a production of the Alternative News Collective, a group of MIT students (both graduate and undergraduate) dedicated to publishing a progressive newspaper. We are nonsectarian and endorse no uniform political philosophy. Our members range from liberal reformists to radical anarchists with just about every shade in-between represented. The news and opinions you read in this paper may appear to be attacking you or your beliefs, but this is not the case (at least this is not our intention anyway). We do not mean to insult you, this institute, your patriotism, or even the United States in as much as the U.S. is defined by all of its citizens and not any "representation" of those citizens. We merely bring you this issue so that you may consider what life at this university is really like and what is going on in the world outside the confines of this little academic island.

To explain our view a little better, we offer you our current issue. Inside you will find stories about how the two party system has stymied popular control of the government, how to better protect yourself and others from the very real threat of sexual violence that exists on this and every college campus, and on the responsibility that comes with any advance in scientific knowledge, among many others.

Please understand however, that we are not anti-government or anti-men or anything of that kind. If anything, we at the Alternative News Collective are anti-crimes against people. It just so happens that our pro-people viewpoint often coincides with an anti-government angle.


The Thistle Volume 13, Number 1: August 29, 2000.