The Thistle Volume 12, Number 2: July 4, 2000.

Welcome to the Thistle

Hello. Thanks for picking up a copy of the Independence Day issue of the Thistle.

Because this paper probably contains different information than you would find in say, the New York Times, we thought it would be appropriate to tell you our intentions in publishing this particular paper on this particular holiday.

The news and opinions you read may appear to be attacking your beliefs, but this is not the case (not our intention anyway). We do not mean to insult you, your patriotism, or even the United States inasmuch as the U.S. is defined by all of its citizens and not any representation of said citizens. We merely bring you this issue today so that you may consider to what you are being patriotic.

Is it our independence from England you celebrate? Is it a symbol on a piece of cloth? Do you celebrate the virtuous rights of freedom, justice, and equality that have allowed the U.S. to become the most prosperous nation in history? More fundamentally, do you celebrate the people, or the government of the United States?

The events of the past as well as the events of today show us that the prosperity of the government (and big business) has been at the expense of (and not in addition to) the prosperity of the people so that it is rather difficult to celebrate both simultaneously. But acts such as saluting the flag and celebrating the Fourth of July have been developed to make people think that the government and the people are one and the same.

To explain our view a little better, we offer our current issue. We have written stories about the governmentís excessive spending on unsound technology such as stealth warplanes and the National Missile Defense system. There is also information about our governmentís continuing efforts to withhold justice in other countries for the sake of corporate profit. Understand however, that we are not anti-government. If anything, we at the Alternative News Collective are anti-crimes against people. It just so happens that our pro-people viewpoint coincides with an anti-government angle.


The Thistle Volume 12, Number 2: July 4, 2000.