Tech Squares Early Rounds Schedule

New to Rounds?

You are encouraged to come to our beginning round dance class every January, February, and September. No experience or partner is required. If you have further questions, please ask an officer.

Class Schedule

The Early Rounds meet from 7pm–8pm each Tuesday. The first class of each month will be a special technique class. The following three or four weeks are progressive classes teaching figures and dances of a specific rhythm. These progressive classes are on a two-year rotating schedule:

Even YearsOdd years
January Beg. Two-step Beg. Waltz
February Beg. Waltz Beg. Two-step
March Cuer's choice
April Rumba Cha Cha
May Other rhythms
June Cha Cha Rumba
July Int. Waltz Foxtrot
August Cuer's choice
SeptemberBeg. Two-step Beg. Waltz
October Int. Rumba Int. Cha Cha
November Other rhythms
December Foxtrot Int. Waltz

The levels listed here are approximate and will be adjusted somewhat to the attending dancers. If you are unsure whether a class is appropriate for you, just ask one of the Rounds Coordinators.

Other rhythms are usually Jive, Slow Two Step, and Tango. Exactly which rhythm will be announced during the prior month.

The Cuer's Choice classes are primarily geared toward the more advanced dancers and will cover interesting dances and/or workshop useful figures. The details of these classes will be announced several weeks before the classes begin. If you have a request for these workshops, please talk to the Rounds Coordinators.

For more information, see our answers to Frequently-Asked Questions.