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Answers to Square Dance Riddle Sequence

Here is David Resnick's Riddle Sequence with answers:

Heads feel 25 cents and marmelade (Heads Touch 1/4 And Spread)
Side men about face (Side Men U Turn Back)
What a door swings on (Hinge)
It's a backgammon varient (Acey Deucey)
Tailgate the guy next door and hold the mayo (Follow Your Neighbor)
Stroll and evade (Walk And Dodge)
Crease the shortest distance between 2 points (Bend The Line)
Prepare for a sailing voyage (Load The Boat)
Female deer observes female deer (Do Si Do)
Go like a southerner to a small tsunami (Dixie Style To A Wave)
Awesome jive thru (Grand Swing Thru)
Make a breeze on the Driedel (Fan The Top)
Kareem Abdul Jabar and Robert Parish angrily sprint (Centers Cross Run)
Liberal Jive Thru (Left Swing Thru)
Banana ice cream sundae circulate (Split Circulate)
Lengthen, and a conservative and liberal big piano (Extend, And A Right And Left Grand)