Parking near MIT

If you need to park near campus, the official guide is MIT's list of public parking facilities. It may be more up-to-date that this page. That said, here's some friendly advice (follow along with this map of the MIT area):

There are some spaces along westbound side of Vassar Street, east and west of Massachusetts Avenue. Similarly, there are metered spaces on Albany Street, which runs parallel, and these may be more commonly empty. There is also metered parking directly on Mass Ave. The meters “deactivate” at 6PM and on Sunday, which makes them good choices for evening dances. They ARE in effect during the day on Saturday so be forewarned. There are also bits of metered parking along Main Street, which runs past the east end of Vassar into Kendall Square. A bit more far flung is the east end of campus, near Ames and Amherst Streets. There are bits of non-permit on street parking there. There is also non-metered parking on Memorial Drive, but it tends to be pretty full.

There are also parking lots at MIT; see the MIT parking pages for full information:

In summary, there are usually lots of good options for parking around campus, and sometimes you'll get lucky and can park really close by. If you are an MIT alum, there are even more options available to you; talk to a Tech Squares officer or check out the Occasional/Evening parking permit from MIT's parking office.