Tech Squares Constitution

Adopted 22 May 1984
Amended 19 January 1988
Amended 1 March 1988
Amended 16 August 1994
Amended 13 August 2002
Amended 23 April 2013
Amended 3 September 2013

Article I.  Name and Purpose

Section 1.  This organization shall be called Tech Squares, the Square and Round Dance Club of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hereinafter referred to as the club and MIT, respectively.

Section 2.  The club shall regularly hold modern Western-style square dances.

Section 3.  The club shall hold classes to introduce beginners to square dancing.

Article II.  Membership

Section 1.  Upon graduation from the class a person becomes a club member.

Section 2.  A person who has not graduated from the class must dance club level to become a club member. There may be other requirements as stated in the Bylaws.

Section 3.  Any club member who meets the attendance requirements specified in the Bylaws shall be a voting member.

Section 4.  At least one-half of the voting membership shall be MIT students.

Section 5.  Membership shall include the right to wear the club badge. No one but club members may wear the club badge.

Section 6.  Only voting members may vote at club meetings or hold office.

Section 7.  The club shall not discriminate based on any characteristic listed in the MIT Nondiscrimination Policy for membership, officer position, or in any other aspect.

Article III.  The Class

Section 1.  The club shall hold a class during each Fall and Spring academic term at MIT to introduce beginners to square dancing.

Section 2.  The class shall be open to anyone.

Section 3.  The Bylaws shall state criteria for graduation from the class.

Section 4.  The class shall be coordinated by the Class Coordinator.

Article IV.  Officers

Section 1.  The elected officers of Tech Squares shall be the President, Vice-President (if elected), Treasurer, Vice-Treasurer (if elected), Secretary, Publicity Coordinator, and Class Coordinator, ranked in that order. They shall be elected as specified in the Bylaws.

Section 2.  The term for officers elected in the spring shall be seven months, with an option to continue in office for an additional five months without re-election. Officers elected in the fall, if any, shall hold office for five months.

Section 3.  The President shall be responsible for the overall operation of the club and be its official representative to the square dance community and to all callers and cuers hired by the club.

Section 4.  The Treasurer shall be directly accountable for the finances of the club.

Section 5.  The Secretary shall handle all club correspondence and be responsible for minutes at all club and Executive Committee meetings.

Section 6.  The Class Coordinator shall chair the Class Committee, which shall be responsible for the organization of the class, and shall appoint Class Assistants to assist in administering the class.

Section 7.  The Publicity Coordinator shall chair the Publicity Committee, which shall be responsible for all club and class publicity, and shall appoint Publicity Assistants to help.

Section 8.  If the President or Treasurer wish for help with their positions, they may request a Vice-President or Vice-Treasurer (respectively) to assist with their duties. If they so request, the club will elect one as with the other elected officers.

Section 9.  The Executive Committee shall appoint a Booking Director, Rooming Director, and Archivist/Historian. Their term of office shall each be one year.

Section 10.  The Executive Committee shall appoint two Members-at-Large and other officers as specified in the Bylaws or as deemed appropriate. Their term of office shall not exceed one year. The Executive Committee shall solicit suggestions from the club for appointed positions.

Section 11.  The Members-at-Large shall serve as liaisons between the officers and other club members. The Members-at-Large shall be appointed by the Executive Committee three times a year: at the beginning of the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms at MIT. Members-at-Large may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Section 12.  The President and Treasurer must be distinct MIT students. A person may hold two elected offices concurrently, but there must be at least five distinct people elected to the Executive Committee. A person may hold an appointed position concurrently with any other position, including another appointed position.

Section 13.  Upon petition by at least 20% of the voting members of the club or one-half the members of the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall call a club meeting to discuss the removal of an elected officer. The officer may be removed by a vote of three-fourths of those present and voting.

Article V.  The Executive Committee

Section 1.  The club shall have an Executive Committee which shall be responsible for the affairs of the club between club meetings and is empowered to make such decisions as it feels are necessary to efficiently carry on the business of the club, except as otherwise governed by the Constitution or the Bylaws.

Section 2.  The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the elected officers. Executive Committee members are encouraged to attend Executive Committee meetings.

Section 3.  Officers shall have additional and more specific duties as defined in the Bylaws and as the Executive Committee finds necessary for the functioning of the club.

Section 4.  The Executive Committee shall regularly hold meetings with at least one meeting between each club meeting. Additional meetings shall be held within one week of a request by either the President or by any two members of the Executive Committee.

Section 5.  Each distinct person that is a member of the Executive Committee shall have exactly one vote as a member of the Executive Committee, even if that person holds more than one elected officer position.

Section 6.  A majority vote of the voting members of the Executive Committee shall be necessary for any decisions to be made by it.

Article VI.  Meetings

Section 1.  The club shall regularly hold meetings, called club meetings, to review the club status and conduct club business.

Section 2.  There shall be at least one club meeting during each of the Spring and Fall terms at MIT. Additional meetings may be called by the Executive Committee or by petition of any five voting members.

Section 3.  Club meetings shall be open to all club members except as otherwise noted in the Constitution or Bylaws.

Section 4.  A quorum of the club shall consist of one-third of the voting membership. At club meetings, no business other than reports and discussions shall be carried on unless a quorum is present.

Section 5.  The most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall decide all questions of procedure not specifically covered in the Constitution or in the Bylaws.

Section 6.  All club meetings shall be chaired by the highest ranking elected officer present.

Section 7.  Decisions of any club meeting shall be binding upon the Executive Committee and the club officers.

Article VII.  Dances

Section 1.  The club shall hold weekly dances, called club dances, year-round allowing exceptions for holidays and similar occasions.

Section 2.  In addition to club dances, the club shall hold other dances, called monthly dances, at the discretion of the officers.

Section 3.  The club shall choose a club level for its square dances. Club dances and monthly dances shall be at club level, except as required for the class.

Section 4.  The club may hold dances and workshops at other levels.

Article VIII.  Club Employees

Section 1.  The club shall hire two permanent employees to provide calling and cueing at club dances: a square dance caller, called the club caller, and a round dance cuer, called the club cuer.

Section 2.  The club caller and the club cuer shall be members, but not voting members, of the club for the term of their employment. They may wear the club badge. They may attend club meetings only at the invitation of the Executive Committee.

Section 3.  The selection of a club caller or club cuer must be approved by the club at a club meeting.

Section 4.  No person may be an elected club officer and a club employee concurrently.

Section 5.  The Executive Committee may hire temporary callers and cuers for monthly dances or to serve as substitutes. Such employees do not become club members by fact of their employment by the club.

Section 6.  Except as mentioned in this article, the Executive Committee may not hire employees without the prior consent of the club at a club meeting.

Article IX.  Amendment

Section 1.  This Constitution may be amended at a club meeting by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting.

Section 2.  A proposed amendment to the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary. The Secretary shall distribute copies of the proposed amendment to the club at least four weeks before the club meeting at which the amendment will be voted on.

Article X.  Law

Section 1.  The club shall be a recognized MIT student organization.

Section 2.  This Constitution is the governing law of the club, except where it conflicts with the rules of MIT.

Section 3.  The club agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association of Student Activities, and its executive board. This constitution, amendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall be subject to review by the ASA Executive Board to ensure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules and regulations.

Section 4.  The obligations of the club shall remain in effect unless specifically negated.

Article XI.  Ratification

Section 1.  This Constitution shall be ratified when approved by a two-thirds vote of those club members voting. A provision for absentee ballots shall be made. At least four weeks' notice shall be given of the club meeting at which the ratification shall be voted on.