Tech Squares Visiting/Banner Policy

Outside Dancers Visiting Tech Squares

We are a fast-paced, dance-by-definition square dance club. We do not expect that visitors will come in equal numbers of men and women or necessarily dance the same gender role all evening. If you have more than 10 people coming as a group, we would appreciate notice by email to squares so we can make plans regarding refreshments.

We welcome visitors at our Saturday dances. While it is possible for small numbers of people to visit us on Tuesday evening, it may be less attractive both because long periods of time might be spent on class-level tips and because the club tips are quite fast-paced to compensate for the slower class tips.

We recommend that visitors check out our web schedule (here for Saturday dances and here for Tuesday dances) and avoid dates when we are dancing in numbered rooms, which tend to be smaller than named rooms. But keep checking the schedule since sometimes rooms will change for the better as the date gets closer.

We do not exchange club banners, so there is no minimum size for a contingent.

Tech Squares Visiting Other Clubs

Tech Squares conducts a very limited number of visits to outside clubs. Our goal is to afford members a look at other clubs without getting involved in calculations like we will visit your club if you visit ours. Thus, we do not exchange club banners.

Our outbound visits tend to be scheduled according to which dances listed at The Square Dance - New England Calendar seem to have callers and club situations that our members would enjoy. These choices are made on a much more last-minute basis than those of other New-England clubs, and take into consideration factors well beyond any square dancer's control, such as the MIT academic calendar.

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