talia blum

I am a junior at MIT studying pure math. I am also a visual artist.
contact: [firstname][lastinitial] [at] mit [dot] edu


In the summer of 2019, I was a participant in the Summer@ICERM REU under the mentorship of Dr. John Doyle, Dr. Trevor Hyde, and Max Weinreich. We studied discrete dynamical systems generated by multiple rational maps.


I have given talks on my dynamics work at:

I also attended WoMAN Up!, a graduate school preparation workshop at the University of Pennsylvania in 2019.

outreach and teaching

I am a tutor at the Math Learning Center at MIT.
I am a mentor at Girls' Angle, a math circle for middle school girls.
I am the publicity chair of the MIT Undergraduate Society of Women in Mathematics.
In spring 2016, I volunteered at the National Museum of Mathematics (MOMATH).


I mostly paint and draw, and occasionally make dresses out of trash. You can currently see my work in the MIT tunnels, the 2020 JMM Math Art exhibition, and on REU t-shirts and brass rats.

My portfolio is here.

about me

When I'm not doing math, you can find me painting, rock climbing, swimming, running, hiking, baking, or lamenting the climate.