-Urban Lighting
-splintering urbanism
-recombinant urbanism
-Good City Form
-pattern languages
-sense of place
-everyday urbanism
-signs and symbols
-culture of cities
-using public space
-light as communication
-extending day into night
-Public Space
-editing the landscape
-light pollution
-great white way
-ambient display
-democratic light
-shift in perception
-second sleep
-Perception of Space
-what system/object
-where system/space
-center vs. periphery
-experiencing architecture
-everyday computing
-context aware computing
-Sensor Nets
-supporting social practice
-New Devices
-Urban Form
-Social Practices
-physical pixel

These are my thoughts on my three general exam (PDF) topic areas. The bibliographies are available here:

Networked Urban Infrastructures and Public Space in the City (Main)

Technologies for Responsive Urban Environments (Technical)

Urban Sociology and Public Space (Contextual)

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