Sherry Turkle

Abby Rockefeller Mauze Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology
Founding Director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self
Program in Science, Technology, and Society
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139

Photo 2010

Sherry Turkle received her Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude in Social Studies from Harvard University and her Ph.D. in Sociology and Personality Psychology from Harvard University.



Selected Affiliations and Accomplishments


2018                        Named one of “America’s Top 50 Women in Tech” by Forbes

2018                        Named Charles M. and Martha Hitchcock Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley

2017                        Received Everett M. Rogers Award from University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

2016                         Received Kohl Education Prize
                                  (Dolores Kohl Education Foundation, Highland Park, Illinois)

2016                         Received honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from Concordia University
                                  (Montreal, Canada)

2016                           Won 6th Annual Zócalo Book Prize for “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk
                                   in a Digital Age.” Awarded by Zócalo Public Square (Arizona State University) for
                                  nonfiction that best enhances understanding of community, human connectedness,
                                  and social cohesion.       

2015                         Received honorary degree of Doctor of Science from Franklin and Marshall College
                                 (Lancaster, PA)

2015, 2002, 1997     World Economic Forum Fellow, Davos, Switzerland

2014-                        American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow

2014                         Named one of Boston’s top “visionaries, idealists, and thinkers” by Boston Magazine,
                                 as part of their profile of “the power of ideas.”

2013                         Awarded the Centennial Medal from Harvard University’s Graduate School of
                                 Arts and Sciences

2013                         Named a “Literary Light” by the Associates of the Boston Public Library
                                 (Boston, MA)

2012                         Received The Walter Ong Award for “exemplary and groundbreaking scholarship”
                                 from The Media Ecology Association

2012                         Received honorary degree of  Doctor of Science from The College of the Holy Cross
                                 (Worcester, MA)

1987-                       Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
                                 Graduate and Affiliate Member

1978-                       Commonwealth of Massachusetts
                                 Licensed Clinical Psychologist

2002                         Named one of the Top Ten Wired Women by ABC

2000                         Named one of Time Magazine's Innovators of the Internet

1997                         Named one of top 50 Cyber Elite by Time Digital Magazine

1997                         Selected Member of "Computer 200", an exhibit of the leaders of the computer
                                 industry.  Exhibited at the Association of Computing Machinery's 50th Anniversary
                                 meeting and exhibited and archived at the Boston Computer Museum.

1985                         Selected Member of Esquire Register "America's New Leadership Class,"
                                Esquire Magazine
 1984                        Selected "Woman of the Year," Ms. Magazine

 1999-2007              Harvard College Visiting Committee on Information Technology

1998-2003               AAUW Educational Foundation
                                 Co-chair of Commission on Technology, Gender, and Teacher Education


Other Professional Activities (partial listing)

2019-2021             Harvard College Visiting Committee

2018-                      Harvard Magazine Incorporator

2017-                       Children’s Screen Time Action Network
                                  (a project of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood)
                                  Advisory Board


2017-                       EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center)
                                 Board of Directors

2016-                        Common Sense Media
                                  Advisory Board

2016-                         Boston Children’s Museum
                                  Advisory Board

2015-                         Society for Responsible Robotics
                                  Executive Board

2014-present             Technographies (University of Cambridge series exploring interactions of
                                  technology and writing)
                                  Advisory Board 

2013                          Participated in audiovisual piece that became part of permanent exhibit inaugurating
                                  the new headquarters of the Mobile World Capital – Barcelona (Spain). 

2012-present             Sgrouples
                                  Advisory Board

2012-present             Citizen Schools
                                  National Science and Technology Advisory Committee

2011-present             Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
                                  Advisory Board

2009-present             Philosophy and Technology
                                  Advisory Scientific Board

2007-2012                Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society
                                  Editorial Board

2007-present            The Public Eye
                                 Editorial Board

2000-present            The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences

2000-2004               MacArthur Foundation 
                                 Committee on Information Technology

1995-present            Massachusetts Women's Forum

1994-present            Science, Technology, and Human Values
                                 Editorial Advisory Board