The following photographs were transferred to my computer using various methods, including Kodak's nice PhotoCD technology (you just take the negatives to them and get back a CD with the digitized photos in several resolutions). Click on a thumbnail to get a larger version of an image!

The newer photos are near the bottom.

A picture of my mother, Louise D.

We live in this house at 521 Longmeadow Circle in St. Charles, IL. I also have two sisters, whose photos can be found below. (My older sister keeps photos of my niece on her own page.)

These are two pictures of me in my room at home, including my fabulous racing-car bedspread. In the second picture, I am reading the third book of my favorite work of fiction: J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Stay off my bed, Susan!

MIT installed several Indy workstations (made by Silicon Graphics) in its Athena computer clusters. They have a color video camera attached that I have used to scan in some more pictures. The quality isn't as good as a fact, it's pretty bad...but some of the photos came out surprisingly well. As before, just click on a little thumbnail image to get the full-sized version.

(I should really update these photos at some point, since I got a digital camera...)

Here is a bad scan of a pretty good picture of me that was taken for the TCC in the fall of 1993.

My floor at East Campus had a hall trip to Mount Monadnock, a beautiful area in New Hampshire. This is a picture of me about two thirds of the way up to the top, with a view of the surrounding countryside.

This is a photograph of myself and my two sisters, Susan and Teresa, taken in January of 1992. Susan is nine years younger than me, and Teresa is three years older.

Here is Susan's school photo from fall 1994 (seventh grade).

In the summer of 1994, my mother and my two sisters and I went fishing up in Canada, as we had done several times before. The first person to catch a fish was Susan, who was casting from the shore when no one was paying attention to her and caught a northern pike, much to our surprise. This is a photo of Susan (wearing my old high-school jacket) with her catch.

Here is a photograph of the city hall in my home town, St. Charles, alongside the Fox River falls.

The following pictures were digitized using an HP scanner owned by our research group, and the quality is quite decent.

This is me at age 3! (Here, I'm saying, "Pchhhw, pchhhw," to supplement the clicking noises made by my trusty six-shooter.) I was almost as adorable then as I am now, hard as that may be to believe.

My older sister, Teresa, got married in the summer of 1998. This is a picture of me with Teresa and our younger sister Susan at the wedding. (Teresa's not really taller than me, although it looks that way here.)

I visited Hawaii in January 1999. This is a picture of me by a steam vent in the caldera of Volcano National Park.

Another photo from Hawaii. When a lava flow hits a large tree, it leaves a cylindrical hole where the trunk was before it burned away; that's what I'm inside here. (It's about ten feet deep.)

I have created an interactive map of MIT, which is an aerial photograph that you can click on to get information about various parts of the MIT campus.

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