My academic lineage (lineage of doctoral degree advisors) is as follows:


↩0. The Mathematics Genealogy Project lists three advisors for Francesco Rossetti. Comparing other sources, it seems most likely that the relationship with Andreas von Ettingshausen is the one most akin to the modern notion of a doctoral advisor, but all three lineages are shown here. The Ettingshausen line traces back to Neuhaus in the 1750s in Vienna, who was, among other things, an entomologist and collaborator of Linnaeus. Rossetti's relationship to Kunzek and Moth is less certain. After his work with Ettingshausen, Rossetti was a briefly a research scientist under Victor Regnault, whose lineage is conservatively traceable to medical doctor Antoine Vallot, born 1594, or all the way to John the Baptist if more liberal definitions of professional mentorship are allowed.
↩1. Georg Freiherr von Vega is also known as Jurij Bartolomej Veha, Georgius Bartholomaei Vecha, and combinations thereof.
↩2. The advisor of Franz Moth is listed as both Bernard Bolzano and Franz Joseph von Gerstner. Bolzano had been dismissed/exiled from Prague in 1819, before Moth's degree in 1822. Gerstner was the director of the new Prague polytechnic school (now Czech Technical University in Prague) from 1806 to 1823, after Bolzano's degree, but before Moth's. It is thus unclear which university in Prague Moth's degree is from, although "University of Prague" generally refers to Charles University.
↩3. Franz Josef von Gerstner is also known as František Josef Gerstner.

Information assembled from the Mathematics Genealogy Project, INSPIRE HEPNames, The Academic Family Tree, the biographies of the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive, and Wikipedia, sometimes assisted by Google Translate.