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Sly has been rather busy at MIT, where she has recently completed a PhD in Technology, Management and Policy. Her research is in the deployment of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and ways in which policy can facilitate successful deployment. The research involves building a system dynamics model to study the interaction between consumers, providers, communities, and government policy.

For more information about her and her work, please see her resume in PDF or in Word.

Her PhD thesis is entitled Networking Technology Adoption: System Dynamics Modeling of Fiber-to-the-Home. Electronic copies are available from the MIT libraries. The document is freely viewable, available for free download to the MIT community, and for purchased download to others.

If you are an FTTH equipment or component (triplexer or diplexer) manufacturer, please consider helping her research efforts along by taking whichever of the following surveys (5 to 10 minutes each) apply to you:

These surveys are now closed. Please see Sly's thesis for more information.

  • FTTH Equipment Vendor Survey
  • FTTH Component Vendor Survey
  • Sly's master's thesis on satellites to provide broadband Internet service is online. If you have comments or questions or would like a copy of the paper she wrote for the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, send her e-mail.

    Sly has an interest in Internet law and here are some links to various things that are going on:

  • EFF
  • EPIC

  • Send comments, opinions, ideas, complaints, thoughts on llamas to sly at mit dot edu

    This page last modified on July 14, 2005.