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Last updated: 25 Oct 2018

Design of Novel Elements for Optical Nanocircuits

Nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics have matured to transform from the laboratory-based playfields for probing fundamental science phenomena to applications domains of robust sensing and on-chip information processing. This transformation amplifies the need for accurate design and robust fine-tuning of various elements of optical nanocircuits, including nanoscale (de)multiplexers, resonant filters, signal plitters, embedded coherent sources and amplifiers, etc. Optical microcavities such as whispering-gallery-mode resonators, photonic crystal nanocavities, and plasmonic nanoresonators are essential elements of complex meso-scale optical chip nanocircuitry. I have proposed and demonstrated various new photonic, plasmonic and hybrid elements with novel circuit functionalities, which were designed by using semi-analytical integral equations techniques. These include: hybrid optoplasmonic superlenses for robust  spectral and spatial multiplexing with sub-wavelength resolution, novel-shape microcavities and coupled-cavity photonic molecules with tailored modal and emission spectra enabling on-chip directional light sources, and novel-type optical waveguides with unusual transport characteristics.

Guest-edited Special Issues:

Optics Express, Oct 2011: Collective phenomena in Photonic, Plasmonic and Hybrid Structures (with Michelle Povinelli, Vasily N. Astratov, Anatoly V. Zayats, Viktor A. Podolskiy




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