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Last updated: 25 Oct 2018

Aperiodic Nanophotonics & Nanoplasmonics

Photonic and plasmonic materials with deterministic aperiodic lattices occupy a unique space between periodic photonic crystals and random media. They are characterized by long-range order without translational periodicity. One well-known class of aperiodic photonic lattices are quasicrystals. Aperiodic structures of various degrees of complexity with and without rotational symmetries can be constructed by using simple mathematical rules. Owing to their unique and tunable light transport and localization properties, aperiodic photonic lattices find applications in sensing, spectroscopy, solid-state lighting, frequency conversion and quantum cryptography.


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Sensing and spectroscopy with aperiodic order:

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Emission enhancement and lasing with aperiodic order:

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