Sanath Devalapurkar's Home Page

I'm a sophomore at MIT, broadly interested in chromatic homotopy theory and (derived) algebraic geometry, as well as the numerous connections with number theory. I also do non-math stuff: I'm a drummer, I occasionally play basketball, and I'm an avid biker.

In IAP/January 2018, I will be teaching a course/leading a seminar on chromatic homotopy theory. Here's the website for this.

In the fall of 2017, I'll be organizing the Student Colloquium for Undergraduates in Mathematics ((un)fortunately abbreviated "SCUM"!).

I'm also participating in/organizing a reading seminar on p-adic Hodge theory and THH, a la Nikolaus-Scholze and Bhatt-Morrow-Scholze. See there for rough notes.

  • Email address: sanathd[at]mit[dot]edu
  • CV: [pdf]

Here are the courses that I've taken. This is a link to some things I've been thinking about. Here are some outlines of projects that I'm interested in thinking about. This is a link to a chart depicting the things I'm trying to learn/am interested in.


I like to liveTeX, although I don't do this for classes that post lecture notes.

Papers, preprints, books, and talk slides

Other (mostly expository) writings