Beyond the Ivory Tower

Academic Discourse in the Age of Popular Media
  • The following is a draft manuscript which is being edited by Saleem Ali and Robert Barsky
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  • Beyond the Ivory Tower: 
    Public Intellectuals, Academia and the Media
    Edited by Saleem H. Ali and Robert Barsky

    Introduction: The Age of Common Knowledge by Saleem Ali

    Part 1 The Script and the Cast

    The Social Sciences

    1.  Popularizing the Social Sciences by Toby Huff
    2.  Marshall McLuhan by James C. Morrison

    The Natural Sciences

    3.  Science Fiction and Popular Science by Asghar Qadir
    4.  Carl Sagan: The People's Astronomer by David Morrison

    The Humanities

    5.  Fame or Infamy by Carol Flynn
    6.  The "Chomsky Effect" by Robert Barsky

    Part 2 The Stories Behind the Script
    7.  The Media and Me by Alan Chartock
    8.  Journey Through Science and Society by David Suzuki
    9.  Race and the Public Intellectual by Gerald Early
    10 Popularizing Anthropology by Margaret Mead
    11. Filling the Empty Niches by William Calvin
    Epilogue: Contributions from Alan Lightman and Stephen Pinker