Teaching and Mentoring Experience

Teaching Experience


  • [Fall 2017] 6.UAR Instructor: Instruction in effective undergraduate research.

  • An invited lecture on “Interconnect” at MIT, Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits Class (6.374), Oct. 2017.

  • An invited lecture on PhD research work titled "Compressive Sampling as an Enabling Solution for Rapid Wideband RF Spectrum Sensing in Emerging Cognitive Radio Systems" at MIT, High-Speed Communication Circuits Class (6.776), May 2016.

    Columbia University

  • [Spring 2014] VLSI Design Lab TA

  • [Spring 2013] Advanced Analog IC Design TA

  • [Spring 2012] Advanced Analog IC Design TA

    Sabanci University

  • [Fall 2008] Electronic Circuits I TA

    Mentoring Experience

    Postdoctoral Associate - MIT:

  • [Fall 2017] Mentoring two undergraduate students, Natalie Mionis and Mengyuan Sun, through 6.UAR for research projects related to machine learning and secure wireless communications.

  • [Summer 2017] Mentored two summer visiting undergraduate students, Kapil Vaidya and Wendy Fernandez, for research projects related to secure wireless communications.

  • [Fall 2016-Spring 2017] Mentored an undergraduate student through the MIT SuperUROP research program. Co-developed a wireless protocol and on-chip security engine for energy-efficient secure wireless communication systems.

    Honors and awards received by the undergraduate research student Daniel Richman on the energy-efficient secure wireless communication systems research project:

  • MIT EECScon, 3rd place poster out of 50 posters, April 2017

  • MIT SuperUROP Presentation Award (MIT EECS Department Award), May 2017

  • MIT SuperUROP Outstanding Research Project Award (MIT EECS Department Award), May 2017

  • Research approach is highlighted in MIT News, June 2017

    Invited talks and research presentations by the undergraduate research student Daniel Richman on the energy-efficient secure wireless communication systems research project:

  • MIT SuperUROP poster session, Dec 2016

  • MIT MTL MARC poster and 1-minute pitch, Jan 2017

  • Invited poster presenter (1 of ~15) to the MIT EECS Visiting Committee, April 2017

  • Invited speaker (1 of 2 students) for MIT Campus Preview Weekend, April 2017

  • MIT SuperUROP final presentation 1-minute pitch, May 2017

  • MIT students present their work to Apple CEO Tim Cook, June 2017

    Graduate Research Assistant - Columbia University:

  • Mentored six Columbia B.S. and M.S. students for research projects related to integrated circuit design, development of HDL routines for compressed sampling signal processing and spectrum measurements in Columbia Integrated Systems Laboratory with Professor Peter R. Kinget. Several of these students were co-authors on her publications.

  • Two B.S. students mentored by her, Jeffrey Yuan and Christopher J. Kunkel, presented their research posters at the Columbia SEAS 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium. Their undergraduate research projects were supported by an NSF grant.

    © Columbia SEAS 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium

    © Columbia SEAS 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Presented her PhD research to undergraduate students who are funded by Columbia University or NSF for the summer research projects with a talk titled "Enabling 5 Next G Wireless Communications with Energy‐ Efficient Rapid Spectrum Sensors" during the Summer@SEAS 2015 at Columbia University. Her talk was followed by the live demonstration of her CS rapid interferer detector system.

    Teaching Assistant

    Columbia University:

  • Received the 2014 Millman Teaching Assistant Award of Columbia University in Spring 2014.

  • Reviewed the designs for fabrication and gave a couple of lectures on the IC design topics for VLSI Design Lab in Spring 2014: Served as a teaching assistant for VLSI Design Lab course the first year that it was taught by Prof. Kinget. Prof. Kinget created the VLSI Design Lab course for M.S. and/or Ph.D. students in 2014. VLSI Design Lab is a yearlong course that covers the entire design cycle for integrated circuits (ICs). The course starts with a system concept development and it continues with the schematic design, layout, PCB design, measurements and the final live demonstration of the system. Prof. Kinget and the teaching assistants provided example project ideas such as designing a pulse oximeter based heart rate monitor or a class D audio amplifier for M.S. students to help the students navigate through their first end-to-end design experience since the primary goal is to design ICs that have the highest possible success rate given the available course time. However, the teaching team also gave the students the flexibility to develop a project idea from scratch if they are experienced M.S. or first year Ph.D. students. During the course, she gave a couple of lectures covering the essential design-related topics such as bias circuit design, electro-static discharge, layout rules and floor planning, decoupling strategy. She also guided students through design reviews in class to help them learn from each other’s design challenges.

  • Designed assignments, project and exams for Advanced Analog IC Design course in Spring 2012 and 2013.

  • Grader for Analog Filter Synthesis/Design course in Fall 2011.

    Sabanci University:

  • Assisted laboratory session for Electronic Circuits I course in Fall 2008.

    Peer Assistant / Moderator

    Sabanci University:

  • Moderator for individual tutorials, peer study and discussion sessions for Science of Nature course from Fall 2005 to Fall 2008.

  • Assisted Mathematical Concepts for Physics course given to totally 184 students.