RSA Elections
Sunday, April 30, 2000 (Easter day!) OB

The elections for the executive committee of RSA took place after a delicious Easter meal prepared by a team lead by Michel! The results of the voting were:

  1. President:
    Ioanid Rosu - 12 votes
    Claudiu Stan - 4 votes
    Void - 2 votes

  2. Treasurer:
    Mihai Ibanescu - unopposed

  3. Vicepresident
    Claudiu Stan (using his right to rerun for one of the vacant seats) - 13 votes
    Ion Bita - 3 votes
    Florin Albeanu - 2 votes

  4. Secretary
    Ion Bita (rerunning) - unopposed

The resulting committee is:

  • President: Ioanid Rosu
  • Vicepresident: Claudiu Stan
  • Treasurer: Mihai Ibanescu
  • Secretary: Ion Bita

For a description of the voting procedures and the platforms of the candidates, click here (in Romanian only).