Rio LaVigne

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Adversarially Robust Property Preserving Hashes Elette Boyle, Rio LaVigne, Vinod Vaikuntanathan. ITCS 2019. [pdf]

Topology Hiding Computation Beyond Semi-Honest Adversaries. Rio LaVigne, Chen-Da Liu, Ueli Maurer, Tal Moran, Marta Mularczyk, Daniel Tschudi. TCC 2018. [pdf]

Topology Hiding Computation on All Graphs. Adi Akavia, Rio LaVigne, Tal Moran. CRYPTO 2017. [pdf]

Manuscripts and other projects

Simple Homomorphisms of Cocks’ IBE and Applications Rio LaVigne. An elegant way to explain why Cocks’ IBE is XOR-homomorphic, and shows how to get proxy re-encryption. Unpublished (Fall 2016). [pdf]

A Look into the Feder-Vardi Conjecture Rio LaVigne. A Stanford CURIS project, advised by Ryan Williams. Looked into current methods for proving the Feder-Vardi dichotomy conjecture, which states that given a constraint language, a CSP in that language is either solvable in polynomial time or it is NP-hard. [CURIS poster.]

Practical Merkle Tree Signatures Dan Boneh, Rio LaVigne. Independent research at Stanford. Implemented a multi-use digital signature algorithm based on one-way functions and one- time signatures via Merkle hash trees. Investigated constructions of these hash trees, experimentally determining the most efficient ones. Unpublished (Summer 2014).

Identity-Based Encryption with e’th Residuosity and its Incompressibility Dan Boneh, Rio LaVigne, Manuel Sabin. A Stanford CURIS project. Also accepted into the Richard Tapia Conference 2014.


Topology Hiding Computation on All Graphs Rio LaVigne. SM Thesis (September 2017). [pdf]