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The ESG 45th Anniversary Celebration

The ESG 45th anniversary celebration is set for , to coincide with MIT's graduation/reunion weekend (5–7 June 2015). The overall schedule is below and will be updated here.

Hashtag (or it didn't happen): #MIT_ESG_45th


If you are planning to attend, please let us know: RSVP.

In conjunction with the reunion, we'll be celebrating Holly Sweet's retirement (after 38 years at ESG!) with a Boston Harbor island cruise, on . MORE

A special message to the folkdancers among the ESG alums.


Sunday 7 June (MIT 24-612)



Food and talk
12:00–2:00 Free time!
2:00–2:45 Discussion: ESG and education (James Rising)
3:00–3:30 Got Fakes? Paper test cards for fast field screening of medicines in Kenya
(Marya Lieberman)
3:30–4:00 The Changing Workplace for Professionals over the Past 20 Years and the Next 20 (Todd Anderson)
2:45–4:00 Discussion: ESG Parenthood: How has parenthood affected your career path, if at all (Cappy Gray Haley)
4:00–4:45 Discussion: Technology for the 99% (John Ankcorn)
Computer/networking technology has allowed a very small number of the technical elite to dominate increasingly large sectors of the economy [Amazon/retailing, Google/services, Uber/taxis]. Are there ways to help people outside this small circle to become more productive and not be squeezed off planet Earth?
4:45–5:15ESG trivia (Matt Wilbert)
5:15–6:00Sharing memories (Holly Sweet)


More food, more talk
7:30– After dinner: music, more socializing.
Reunion Ideas?
Getting ESG mugged

Do you have ideas for the 45th reunion? A session you'd like to organize? A talk you'd like to give? Send a note to:

ESG Reunion Ideas
Planning to Attend:

Doug Milliken

Zak Fallows

Rich Hilliard

Matt Wilbert

Holly Sweet

Melissa Gymrek

Jing Li

Ross Benson

Steve Hoffberg

Jayson Lynch

Glenn Iba

Todd Anderson

Lee Perlman

Shambhu B. Koirala

J. Kim Vandiver

Michael Brower

James Rising

Seth Brown

Marya Lieberman

Seth Guinals-Kupperman

Valarie Thomas

Ed Seidewitz

Aubrey Jaffer

Jim Okun

Alice Leung (née Man)

David Gillman

John Ankcorn

Mike Krasner

Cappy Gray Haley

Andrea McGimsey

Zsuzsanna Gaspar

Harry Bochner

Dan Klain

Laurie Campos

Dianne Tobey Covault

Doug Foxvog

Frances Harrison

Graham Ramsay

Roland Zito-Wolf

Jayson Lynch

Marty Hiller

Scott Wickham

Carl Mikkelsen

Michael Nathan

Matthew Sakai

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