Transforming Negative Energy

Commanding ANTS

Part 2
by "Linda"

Continued from Part 1.

I forwarded along Betty's words to a person (I'll call her "Linda") who was suffering from negative energy problems. Here's her report, which she kindly granted me permission to post. There's some extremely useful information here, too:

There's an interesting language that developed amongst anxiety sufferers and the people who help them. The gist of that language is that anxiety is caused OUTSIDE the anxiety sufferer and is treated as an outside force.

This resource referred to the outside voice that haunts and plagues with very negative thoughts and ideas as ANTS. Automatic Negative Thoughts. These are unwanted thoughts that have no basis in fact or reality but that occur at the automatic level in the brain. That said, these ANTS are called liars.

I find the metaphor of the ANT very useful. An ANT is small, but many of them together can raid and sting and cause a lot of pain.

Rei, remember when we were talking about giving negativity a job? I did that today with a lot of success. It was very empowering! I had an "ANT" bothering me big time this morning, and I finally stopped and said "YOU ARE A SMALL ANT, so SHUT UP. As a matter of fact, from now on, your new job is cheerleader, and you're only allowed to wave pompoms and yell, 'Go, Linda!" That voice/ANT/whatever didn't bug me the rest of the day! Who knew?

Kinda makes me giggle to think about it.

Yay! I do believe in the transforming power of God. He's taken a lot of horrible situations in my life so far and has transformed them into incredible opportunities and blessings. So, I would definitely recommend praying that the negative be transformed to positive (if it be His will), that curses turn into blessings (I BELIEVE that this is His will; the thing I leave up to God is the how/when/why/where/who!).

ANTS fit right in with the spiritual model of exterior entities harassing people via (essentially) psychic attack. When commanding negativity to transform, perhaps remind the energy to work in delight and joy for the good of all! After all, negative entities and energies might have forgotten what joy is - why not remind them what they're missing out on? You might find yourself rescuing a lost soul in the process.

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