some screensavers & comments

Feb. 2003 (updated in 2004) -

Ever since the first screensavers came out, I've liked 'em. I can't help it - the odd little world-in-a-world, snowglobe fantasy kind of behind-the-screen-alternate-reality thing ....

Anyway, after all the slogging around, there are surprisingly few decent IMHO screensavers out there - and a lot of cheesy effects thrown together.

I got many of these screen saver URLs from this thread on the Serene Screen fan board. Many others are the result of slogging through some Google searches and some humungous download sites.

By the way, if anyone remembers "Seize the Day" Living Worlds from the early 90's, I think those 12 scenes (by fantasy artist Mark Ferrari, and other coding by Sofie MacKenzie, Daniel Aldrich, Jacob Feinberg and Joe Huckaby (according to my copy)) - moving water, moving clouds, day-to-night, changing weather conditions, lights in windows - would make great screensavers ... maybe I'm spoiled, but they set the standard in my mind for the "window into another world" thing, and even in this day and age, few things beat 'em. (Some of the art is viewable on (If you can get a copy of the "Seize the Day" floppies, you can run them on Windows even now, although the animations will run far faster than they should. By the way, thanks for the working registration codes when I lost mine!)

All material on this page is purely personal opinion. I am not responsible for any consequences of downloading or registering of these products.

Note to anyone new to screensaver downloads: "register" usually means to actually buy the software, with a credit card number. The result of purchase is a new full download or a keycode to unlock the original download's full feature set (and deactivate any countdown timers that would shut down the screensaver in a certain period of time).

WARNING: some downloads are risky. A few unscrupulous places have bundled spyware with their products. You may even risk getting a virus. Get anti-spyware products, and keep your virus detection software up-to-date, and never download anything that looks suspicious.