Rei's Cambridge/Boston Food Picks

Rei's Random List of Cambridge/Boston Food Picks

These are my personal top-pick places to go, after having lived in the Boston/Cambridge area for about 10 years and having sampled various places. Newly revised and updated with some phone numbers in 2002. Last update: 1/03

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  • Best mashed potatoes: Houlihan's (Faneuil Hall, Boston). "Smashed potatoes" is how they're called.
  • Best chicken: Houlihan's (Faneuil Hall, Boston) and Boston Market (everywhere). Houlihan's chicken dishes (like grilled stuff) is real good with their smashed potatoes and snap peas.
  • Best Caesar salad: Fusilli's (Cambridge near Belmont(?)). Italian restaurant with a wonderful peppery Caesar salad dressing. Get the dressing on the side (unless you like being greased-out), and pile some anchovies on.
  • Best wings: Wing-It (Boston). I used to subsist on wings and instant ramen. You might be able to find Wing-It's sauce in stores. It's good! (Hint on blue cheese dressing: the flavor of Wishbone's is better than most... wish it had more cheese, though.) [Wing-It restaurants seem to have gone, but you can still buy the sauce....]
  • Best chili dogs: The food truck in the 66 lot (MIT, Cambridge). Cheapest, best-tasting chili dogs (excellent chili!). A mere $1 each(!). Update: The usual guy isn't doing the chili any more, and it's much worse now. :-( We'll see if he comes back.
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