Art rights

I hate to have to put in this note, but circumstances have begun to demand it. Please, do not copy or use any of my artwork without getting my permission. All artwork is copyright by Eri Izawa.

On a related note: 10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained.

Current policy:

  1. Please don't use any of these graphics in your own server as your own icons without (1) getting permission and (2) inserting an "image copyright 2001 by Eri Izawa (" notice.
  2. The only time you don't need to include copyright notice is if the image is used for and as a link back to my home page (
  3. You may use images for a single person's homepage (as long as it's not for profit), if you include the copyright notice. Also, please let me know you're using my stuff.
  4. Please do NOT modify any of the images without permission.

Older Information

Note also that art is protected across international boundaries by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. The Convention gives the artist exclusive rights over the reproduction of artistic works. Further, in cases of newspapers or other media reproducing the art, the source must be clearly indicated.

Think of this art as something like software. Time and energy and thought went into these graphics (not to mention the fact that some of them were designed specifically for certain sites). Unlike software, however, there is no "This was made by so-and-so" page associated with most graphics, and so copied art will not even give proper credit to the "author."

-rei@MIT.EDU (Eri Izawa)