Random Thoughts on Being a Writer

Top Ten Reasons Writing Novels for Pay ... Ah, nevermind

After leaving the list up for many years, I'm just deleting it because ... frankly, it was depressing. All I can say is I'm glad the era of self-publishing is here. To replace that list, here is a different one:

Top Ten Reasons to Write for God and Self-Publish Online

10. You work for the joy of writing about a topic you love.

9. Some of your audience knows what you're talking about, even if no one else does.

8. Your Heavenly Parent smiles at the bits of truth you find.

7. Time flies joyously.

6. Your own website becomes helpful to you when you're feeling down.

5. Your schedule somehow makes room for your writing, miraculously.

4. If you get writer's block, you know it will come out better when you figure it out.

3. Your Heavenly Publisher accepts you whether you write or not.

2. You can publish immediately, or edit it with God a few times, or keep editing it EVERY DAY or once every fifteen years ... like this document.

1. Seek first the Kingdom of God - and all else will be given to you.