Random Thoughts on Being a Writer

Top Ten Reasons to Never Try to Become a Writer

10. You work for a year without even the promise of pay. (i.e., You starve. No computer programmer would ever tolerate those conditions)

9. No one else understands what you talk about. (i.e., the nerds around you can't speak your language)

8. You parents hound you to get a real job. (i.e., they want you to make money)

7. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (i.e., the pain in my wrist)

6. Bookstores become very depressing. (i.e., "All those horrible writers have gotten published; why can't I??")

5. Your schedule rotates to accommodate your writing, not your life. (i.e., you find yourself getting up when the stores close)

4. Writer's block. (i.e., You can't submit it until it's done)

3. It's almost impossible to get accepted by a publisher. (i.e., roll a 20-sided die three times and get 17 each time)

2. Rejection notices. You have to wait over a year to find out if your manuscript is accepted, and then try again when it isn't. (i.e., you will be old and grey by the time your manuscript gets published ... if it ever does)

1. Sh*tty pay. (i.e., why bother with reasons 2 through 10, anyway?)