The SIPB Office is a Pit

You are in the SIPB Office, W20-557 (a.k.a. the office of the MIT Student Information Processing Board, located in the Stratton Student Center).

This is a messy room filled with computers, random piles of paper, empty soda cans, and lots of geeks. The speakers are blaring some random hard rock music. All the geeks are busy typing away. Occasionally one bursts out laughing, explains a really nerdly joke at which everyone else laughs, and then everyone falls silent again. Despite the almost lethal level of nerdliness, however, this really isn't a bad place to be.

There is only one open machine: a crufty, old, discontinued computer in the back of the room that's named Snorkelwacker [sic].

You can leave this geek haven and go home.

You can log into Snorkelwacker.

Exit back to my homepage.

Click here to find out more about SIPB. No, this isn't part of the game; this is just in case you want to find out more about the Real Thing.