Parity, Prospects, and Predominance. Forthcoming in Philosophical Studies. [link] [preprint] [abstract]

If There Are No Diachronic Norms of Rationality, Why Does It Seem Like There Are? Forthcoming in Res Philosophica (special issue on Reasons and Rationality). [preprint] [abstract]

Opaque Sweetening and Transitivity. Forthcoming in Australasian Journal of Philosophy. [link] [preprint] [abstract]

In Progress

The Sunk Cost 'Fallacy' is Not a Fallacy [pdf] [abstract]

Lying, Misleading, and Plausible Deniability [pdf] [abstract]

Risk-taking and Tie-breaking [pdf] [abstract]


Doing Your Best (While Making Do With Less): The Actual Value Conception of Instrumental Rationality [pdf] [abstract]

Ryan Doody

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