Research Project:

All Topics Urban Systems Network Theory Computational Social Science Economic Systems Human Behaviors Biology

Spatial diffusion and churn of social media Birth and Death of a Social-Network
Big Data for Women Well-being Credit Card and Urban Analisys
Revealing patterns in Spending Behavior Credit Card and Human Behavior
Bmotifs on mutualistic network A package to analyze biparite network
Reconstructing Meso-Scale Structure World Trade Web and Interbank Network
Trainstopping Modeling Train Delay
Projections of Bipartite Networks Movilens and World Trade Web
Bank liquidity Liquidity Shortage in the Interbank Markets
Portfolio Overlap and Systemic Risk Analysis of assest Holding
From Diversification to Innovation Evolution of Product Network within Country International Trade
Signals of 2008 Crisis In the World Trade Web
Bipartite Network Randomizing the World Trade Web
School Size and Cities Size School distribution according to geographical features and population
Diversification-Specialization Countries competitiveness and firms diversification
Modeling the Drug Abuse Agent Based Modelization of the Phenomenon of Drug Abuse