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Analyzing Economic Activity with Credit Card and Cell Phone Information for Well-being of Women and Girls

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Italian School Size distribution & Demand


The Italian all-news channel Sky TG24 had interviewed lived as expert on the Italian school system organization thank to my paper:

The Italian primary school-size distribution and the city-size: a complex nexus

DOI :10.1038/srep05301.

 Here the 10min interview in Italian.



The Italian newspaper La Stampa on the third page had published an article on the relevance of my paper for developing a better school system.

Here you can download the extract of the newspaper Italian.

Some Italian press agency speak of our work too, over the Internet

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Modeling Italian Drug Abuse Phenomenon

Internet News

The Italian world news agency ANSA and some Italian press agency had published a news on the relevance of our paper for studying drugs Abuse phenomena.

Statistical Agent Based Modelization of the Phenomenon of Drug Abuse,

DOI :10.1038/srep00532”

Read here the news!

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