12.003 Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics


Instructor: Raffaele Ferrari

TAs: Tim Chronin, Andrea Dubin, Allison Wing

Class times: MWF 11.00-12.00 (54-1615)

Recitation time: TBD

Textbook: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics by Marshall and Plumb

Prerequisites: Multivariable Calculus (18.02) and Physics I: Classical Mechanics (8.01)

Course description: This undergraduate class is designed to introduce students to the physics that govern the circulation of the ocean and atmosphere. The focus of the course is on the processes that control the climate of the planet.

Grading: The assessment will be in three parts (with weight toward final grade):

  1. 1. Homework assignments will be handed out each week that reviews material covered in class. These will serve a multiple purpose: As a component of the teaching process, as an assessment of performance, and as a means of providing feedback to me. (35%; the two lowest marks will be given half-weight)

  2. 2.Two presentations. (5%)

  3. 3. Class participation. (5%)

  4. 4. A mid-term test. (15%)

  5. 5. A final, closed book, exam on all assessable course material. (40%)