Patrick Wensing, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

Biomimetic Robotics Lab

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office: 05-017
Phone: (617) 715-4309


Starting Summer 2017, I will be an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.


Research Interests

I’m broadly interested in applied optimization and control theory for dynamic, intelligent, and physically interactive robotic systems. My Ph.D. research focused on methods for the generation and control of high-speed dynamic movements in humanoid robots. You can find my dissertation here. I am currently working on developing control frameworks for extreme agility in quadruped robots with the MIT Cheetah 2. Please see my publications or CV for more detail.


  1. Postdoctoral Associate, Biomimetic Robotics Lab (advised by Prof. Sangbae Kim), MIT, 2014-Present

  2. Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering (advised by Dr. David E. Orin), Ohio State, 2014

  3. B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering (with Honors and Distinction), Ohio State, 2009


  1. Co-Chair, IEEE Robotics & Automation Society Student Activities Committee (2012-2014)


  1. Cycling, Running, Racquetball