2014 MIT Mystery Hunt
The 2014 Mystery Hunt has ended! One Fish, Two Fish, Random Fish, Blue Fish found the coin at 2:30am on Sunday, January 19. For more information, please see our archive.

The 2015 Mystery Hunt will begin on January 16, 2015. More information will be posted as the Hunt approaches.


Donate to support the Mystery Hunt

The MIT Mystery Hunt is a free event that is open to all interested participants, and it will stay that way. However, as the Hunt has grown the cost to run the event has also grown -- in recent years, the total cost has approached $10,000. The Mystery Hunt is an ASA-recognized group, and as such we get some of our funding from Finboard, the Large Events Fund, and other sources at MIT. In the past we have also have received generous support from corporate donors. However, every year members of the organizing team have to pay for some costs out of their own pockets. Our hope is to put the Mystery Hunt in a more stable financial position for the future.

As an MIT student activity, we can accept donations to our operating fund through MIT's donation mechanism. If you would like to donate, you may do so at the link above. Any money that you donate will go into the student group's account and will help defray the cost of this year's Hunt. Any surpluses from this year will roll over to future Hunts. If you or your company would like to make a non-monetary donation to the Mystery Hunt (server space, food for event puzzles, caffeine pills to keep us awake) please email puzzle@mit.edu and let us know how you wish to help. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at kickoff next January!