By Erin Price
Answer: OCELOT

Each image is taken from a children’s alphabet book. The letters for each page spell out SORT BY DATE USE SURNAMES. The flavor text, “Baby’s first good reads”, clues you to use Goodreads to find the first available publication date for each book. Sorting by the publication date and indexing into the authors’ last names by the page number on each image yields BIG CATS SMALL CATS OSCAR. The O page in Big Cats, Small Cats, by Calvin Smith, is OCELOT.

Page Title Author Index Letter Pub. Date
SPACE CAPSULE ABCs on Wings Olivera, Ramon 1 O 7/21/2015
OSCAR Alpha Arsenault, Isabelle 3 S 8/25/2015
RAVEN Alphabet Bird Collection Ogilvy, Shelli 4 L 4/25/2009
TIGER Alphabet Soup: A Feast of Letters Gustafson, Scott 1 G 1/9/1990
BALLOONS Alphablock Franceschelli, Christopher 5 C 8/6/2013
YAK Alphamals: A to Z Carter, Graham 3 R 10/3/2017
DOGS, DOCTOR, DUCK Babar’s ABC Brunhoff, Laurent 1 B 1/1/1983
A Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Martin, Jr., Bill 5 I 1/1/1989
T-SHIRT D is for Dress-Up: The ABC’s of What We Wear Carluccio, Maria 1 C 4/5/2016
EARWIG Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet McLimans, David 1 M 9/5/2006
UNITED NATIONS Journey Around New York From A to Z Zschock, Martha 2 S 5/1/2002
SIT STILL, MAX Max’s ABC Wells, Rosemary 5 S 5/4/2006
ELEPHANT Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten Slate, Joseph 4 T 9/1/1996
SLICED SALAMI Old Black Fly Aylesworth, Jim 1 A 4/15/1992
UNICYCLE Olivia’s ABC Falconer, Ian 2 A 8/26/2014
RABBIT Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet Thurlby, Paul 5 L 7/1/2011
NEWSPAPER Pinkalicious ABC: An Alphabet Book Kann, Victoria 2 A 5/24/2016
ACORNS, ALLIGATOR R is for Rocket: An ABC Book Hills, Tad 5 S 7/7/2015
MAIL TRUCK Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks From A to Z Scarry, Richard 2 C 10/3/1990
EDMONTONOSAURUS Robert Crowther’s Pop-Up Dinosaur ABC Crowther, Robert 5 T 1/27/2015
SKULL WITH SMILE The Dangerous Alphabet Gaiman, Neil 2 A 4/29/2008