By Nathan Fung
This puzzle was designed to be swapped in during Hunt in case another puzzle turned out to be hopelessly broken. If this had happened, their “final” answer would have been that of the puzzle they replaced, and that answer would have been given to teams who carried out the instruction that is extracted from this puzzle.

The puzzle consists of two lists: a To Do List and an Inventory List. Each item on the To Do List consists of a task, which was dealt with by MacGyver (in the original 1985–1992 series) using the bracketed number of items from the inventory list at the bottom. Summing together the numbers following the items described in the inventory, this number can be used to index into the answer of the parenthetical question (which should be answered with respect to the episode this task was done).

The To Do List is sorted alphabetically by the answer to the parenthetical question. When sorting these tasks by the order they happened on the show, the indexed letters spell out the message ASK US WHAT TO MACGYVER.

Episode Task Items used Parenthetical Answer Index Letter
Pilot Plug a liquid leak Wrapped Brown Rectangles of Sweet Sustenance +9 (Chocolate bars) (of what?) SULFURIC ACID 9 A
The Heist Figure out how to get past a lock on a safe
Translucent Chalices of Alcoholic Beverage Holding +2 (Crystal wine glasses)
Grape-Made Liquid of Intoxication +3 (Wine)
(who helps me with the overall goal of why I'm doing this?) CHRIS 5 S
Hellfire Repair a safety device that breaks when there is too much current Wrapper of Chewing Material Enclosing +7 (Gum wrapper) (and what response do I get when I offer the part I don't use?) NO THANKS 7 K
Deathlock Make a vehicle that will go across the surface of the water at high speed Rectangular Container of Body Holding +6 (Casket) (and who will help me read the item I retrieved using this?) MRS. CHUNG 6 U
The Enemy Within Make a tool for restoring the heartbeat of a person
Pair of Metal Oblong Stands of Wicked Wax Rod Holding +5 (Pair of candlestick holders)
Rubber Flat Rectangle of Ground Surface Covering +3 (Floor mat)
Cord of Power Conducting (from an Amplification Device) +3 (Cord from a Microphone)
(and who do I need to use this on?) CRAIG BANNISTER 11 S
Slow Death Make a device to detect falsehoods
Time Keeping Device of Noise Making +3 (Alarm clock)
Instrument of Blood Pressure Measuring +3 (Sphygmomanometer)
Metal Thread of Conducting -1 (Wire)
(and who do I catch with it?) PAUL WEBSTER 5 W
The Escape Make a floating air device to notify someone
Round Orb of Hexagons and Pentagons +5 (Soccer ball)
Printed Material of Daily Information Dissemination +1 (Newspaper)
Fluffy White Objects of Makeup Removal +2 (Cotton balls)
Liquid Product of Pitted Tree Fruit -3 (Olive oil)
(who?) SARAH 5 H
Final Approach Make an instrument for surveying angles
Group of Limbs of Tall Woody Plants +6 (Tree branches)
Objects of Hearing Organ Adornment -1 (Earrings)
(used to align what?) RUNWAY 5 A
Out in the Cold Make a notification to be rescued
Pointy Rod of Cold Balance +2 (Ski pole)
Rectangular Cloth of Head Covering +2 (Bandanna)
Grabbable Piece of Metal Teeth Attaching -1 (Zipper pull)
(seen by whom?) PETE THORNTON 3 T
For Love or Money Make a distraction that is hard to see through
Gas of Floating Balloon-Filling -5 (Helium)
Disposable Object of Hand Covering +1 (Latex gloves)
Grey Roll of Attaching Material +2 (Duct tape)
Powdery Material of Incomplete Combustion +5 (Carbon black)
(put it in a container of what?) POTATOES 3 T
Fire and Ice Make a device to climb upwards
Rubber Tube of Watering +3 (Garden hose)
Set of Metal Teeth of Leaf Collecting +4 (Rake head)
(to go where?) SUMAL'S OFFICE 7 O
Hell Week Bypass a door trap
Sour Liquid of Vinegar Flavoring +5 (Acetic acid)
Pungent Chemical of Cleaning +4 (Ammonia)
(which is below a room containing what substance?) PLUTONIUM 9 M
Blow Out Make a gas that will irritate a robber
Stoppered Container of Bed Heat Providing +4 (Hot water bottle)
White Powder of Leavening +2 (Baking soda)
Liquid of Pickling -3 (Vinegar)
Spice of Red Pepper +3 (Cayenne)
(but where can I find the leaves I needed earlier?) AUSTRALIA 6 A
Rock the Cradle Make a sleeping place for a baby
Set of Curved-End Rods of Flat Cylinder Hitting +5 (Hockey sticks)
Meshed Strings of Hitting Target Stopping (Often Earning Points) +1 (Net)
Cord of Ascending -3 (Climbing rope)
(who is with me and the baby?) JACK DALTON 3 C
Blood Brothers Make decoy bodily fluid
Liquid of pH Identification +5 (Phenolphthalein solution)
Liquid of Unclogging -1 (Drain cleaner)
(and who did I help earlier when looking for my friend?) SERGEANT OLSON 4 G
Gold Rush Move entrapping snow
Container of Gas Necessary for Breathing +5 (Oxygen tank)
Container of Russian Alcohol +5 (Bucket of vodka)
Warm Fabric Container for Person at Rest -2 (Sleeping bag)
(and where would I be vacationing if I wasn't here?) GRAND KEYS 8 Y
Halloween Knights Get a thumbprint
Cube of Powdered Substance (for Game) +3 (Pool chalk)
Slick Substance of Moldability Used in Long Wicked Light Source -2 (Candle wax)
(of someone dressed as what?) VAMPIRE 1 V
Bitter Harvest Test a sample of earth for the presence of certain substances
Eyewear of Tinted Protection +3 (Sunglasses)
Solvent of Finger Art Removal +1 (Nail polish remover)
Source of Illumination -2 (Lamp)
(what kind of substances?) PESTICIDES 2 E
Good Knight MacGyver: Part 2 Escape by blowing up a locked cell door
Cut Flying Cloth Rectangle of Woman's Clothing Origin +4 (Kite made from a women's dress)
Electricity of Sky Origin -2 (Lightning)
Floating Rubber Sac of Lightest Element +1 (Hydrogen balloon)
(who is holding us?) MORGANA 3 R