By Connor Stokes
Answer: NOES

The title of this puzzle is a reference not only to The Great Gatsby, but also to Gadsby, a novel famous for not using the letter E. Each highlighted section, taken in conjunction with the accompanying note, forms a single letter lipogram—it contains every letter in the alphabet except for one.

Passage Note Letter
“We’re getting off!” he insisted. Present objective: exit for quick rendezvous w/Myrtle A
“I’m p-paralyzed with happiness.”
She laughed again, as if she said something very witty
J.Baker + Daisy = QTS XOXO C
“I’ll call you up,” I said finally.
“Do, old sport.”
“I’ll call you about noon.”
Saving for quiz six/hmwrk - J Gatsby’s 2nd to last words? E
“You must see the faces of many people you’ve heard about.”
Tom’s arrogant eyes roamed the crowd.
A joke next to banquets Zelda threw I
“I’m going to make a big request of you today,” he said, pocketing his
souvenirs with satisfaction,
J. dazes w/Oxford pix L
“Why not?"
“I don’t know,” she insisted, “I just don’t think he went there.”
Q - Gatz verified Oxford chap? Maybe? L
A breeze stirred the grey haze of Daisy’s fur collar. Just save quote for AP exam wk. N
She loves me.”
“You must be crazy!” exclaimed Tom automatically.
Quite the peak - JGvsTB fight w/wds N
I didn’t answer.
“Nick?” He asked again.
“Want any?”
J. humbly left Plaza, N quietly vexed O
“I don’t want anything. I’m all right now, Mr.—”
“Well, I’m all right now. Where have they got Jimmy?”
Bad example of Mr. Gatz quaking S

The quotes are ordered alphabetically by lipogram letter. If you put them in the order they appear in The Great Gatsby, you get the phrase CALL IN NOES, meaning the answer is NOES.