By Jackie Anderson
Answer: MUNCIE

There are seventeen circles (medals) colored gold, silver, and bronze. Each one links to an audio file. The audio files are extracted from videos Leslie Jones posted on Twitter as she live-tweeted the 2016 Olympics. From the clip, identify the event she is discussing. Identify the country that won the indicated medal for each event and find that country on the map, where each country is labeled with a letter. The letters spell out SCHULHOF BIRTH CITY. Swimmer Lary Schulhof, who competed in the 1964 Summer Games, was born in MUNCIE.

Number Medal Event Country Letter
1 Gold Women’s 100m Jamaica S
2 Gold Men’s 4x200m Freestyle USA C
3 Bronze Synchronized Swimming Japan H
4 Bronze Women’s Triple Jump Kazakhstan U
5 Gold Women’s Road Cycling Netherlands L
6 Silver Women’s Water Polo Italy H
7 Bronze Men’s 200m Butterfly Hungary O
8 Silver Women’s Beach Volleyball Brazil F
9 Gold Men’s 400m South Africa B
10 Silver Women’s 100m Breaststroke Russia I
11 Bronze Women’s 4x100m Great Britain R
12 Silver Men’s 100m Backstroke China T
13 Bronze Women’s Field Hockey Germany H
14 Gold Women’s 100m Hurdles USA C
15 Bronze Women’s Doubles Tennis Czech Republic I
16 Bronze Women’s 100m Freestyle Sweden T
17 Bronze Women’s 400m Medley Spain Y