By Chris Morse

Each row contains a pair of clues. One of these clues yields a name; the other yields a word that is a transdeletion of another name. (The transdeleted name clue may come either first or second.) Linking these two names in order with a hyphen forms a well-known duo from the world of Math / Science / Business / Politics, such as “Hewlett-Packard.” Reading the transdeleted letters in the given order spells NOT EVEN / CANDID OR OPEN, which clues ODD / FRANK. Applying the same principle used throughout the puzzle leads to the answer DODD-FRANK.

  First Clue Second Clue One Not There Missing Letter Pair
Capital of Okinawa Red Italian wine grape Naha Barbera Hanna N Hanna-Barbera
Prion disease that affects cows, for short Original surname of Albert Brooks BSE Einstein Bose O Bose-Einstein
Obese Rogers, the late MIT math professor Fat Hartley Taft T Taft-Hartley
Five-season Fox sitcom named after its title character and star Sound from a dog Martin Bark Baker E Martin-Baker
Cobbler Ron who played Tarzan Shoemaker Ely Levy V Shoemaker-Levy
Small upright piano Comedian Roseanne Spinet Barr Epstein E Epstein-Barr
Amber’s Glee role Lasat who manned the starship Ghost Mercedes Zeb Benz N Mercedes-Benz
Tosses some dice Partner of terminer Rolls Oyer Royce C Rolls-Royce
Cobb, “the Georgia Peach” Follower of Goldman in finance Ty Sachs Tay A Tay-Sachs
Namesake of Northwestern’s Business School Afflicted with hydrophobia Kellogg Rabid Briand N Kellogg-Briand
Hawaiian floral garlands Tree that comes as speckled, Manchurian or seaside varieties Leis Alder Diels D Diels-Alder
Original or recently picked The marked cost of something Fresh Price Fisher I Fisher-Price
What R-O-L-A-I-D-S spells? Partner of arts Relief Crafts Friedel D Friedel-Crafts
More than half Town bordering Plainfield, Buckland, and Charlemont Most Hawley Smoot O Smoot-Hawley
One who cripples or mutilates Emmanuel Lewis’s TV series Maimer Webster Merriam R Merriam-Webster
Famed race track, with “Le” Police constable of Dock Green Mans Dixon Mason O Mason-Dixon
In good health and shape Style of Jazz often played rapidly Hale Bop Bopp P Hale-Bopp
Barely expandable alloy of iron and nickel Prods, stirs up, and fuels a fire Invar Stokes Navier E Navier-Stokes
Blatch on Sex and the City Sink your teeth into Stanford Bite Binet N Stanford-Binet