By Todd McClary and Trip Payne
Answer: SLEIGH

“Adactyly” is the condition of missing a digit. Each question is missing one digit that is necessary to get a correct answer that matches one of the enumerations shown:

What movie ranked #36 on AFI’s 2007 list of 100 Greatest American Movies?
The Bridge on the River Kwai
The Super 8 chain was founded in what city?
Aberdeen, South Dakota
What is the first listed ingredient in the product that contains mystery ingredient 7X?
carbonated water
What was the first video ever played on MTV2?
“Where It's At”
What is the common name for vitamin B12?
Who was Ghostface’s second victim in the movie Scream 4?
Sherrie Marconi
A1 sauce is, according to its label, primarily intended to be used on what food?
802701 is the setting of most of the action in what popular novel?
The Time Machine
K-9 is a character in what science fiction entertainment franchise?
Doctor Who
Where will I-4 end up if I start in Daytona Beach?
“V-8” represents a number of things (obviously). Which comes last alphabetically?
What unit of measurement is equal to 32 tablespoons?

Index into the answers by the added numbers to get the phrase IN A HORSE OPEN __________. This is also missing a number; it should read “in a one-horse open __________,” leading to the answer SLEIGH.