By Jeff Roberts
Answer: XING

Identify the first names of the movie stars.

  • ISAIAH (Mustafa)
  • ZOE (Saldana)
  • HENRY (Winkler)
  • HARRY (Hamlin)

  • AMY (Adams)
  • RITA (Moreno)
  • JANE (Fonda)
  • BETTY (White)

  • MONA (Freeman)
  • JULIA (Roberts)
  • SARA (Gilbert)
  • AMANDA (Seyfried)

The first names of each movie star pair with a “-ing” word clued at the bottom of the page to make a movie title.

  • Losing ISAIAH
  • Killing ZOE
  • Regarding HENRY
  • Deconstructing HARRY

  • Chasing AMY
  • Educating RITA
  • Becoming JANE
  • Undertaking BETTY

  • Drowning MONA
  • Being JULIA
  • Serving SARA
  • Finding AMANDA

Taking the letters in the red starred positions, and filling in the blanks below the images in order, gives SIGN HACK : NERD ????. Some knowledge of MIT hacking lore (or just googling “sign hack nerd”) reveals that the four-letter word completing that phrase (and fitting the puzzle theme) is XING, the answer.