Reward: The Fighter levels up!
The Fighter is an expert in the joust, where two people dash toward each other and one is injured.
Capital of Okinawa Red Italian wine grape
Prion disease that affects cows, for short Original surname of Albert Brooks
Obese Rogers, the late MIT math professor
Five-season Fox sitcom named after its title character and star Sound from a dog
Cobbler Ron who played Tarzan
Small upright piano Comedian Roseanne
Amber’s Glee role Lasat who manned the starship Ghost
Tosses some dice Partner of terminer
Cobb, “the Georgia Peach” Follower of Goldman in finance
Namesake of Northwestern’s Management School Afflicted with hydrophobia
Hawaiian floral garlands Tree that comes as speckled, Manchurian or seaside varieties
Original or recently picked The marked cost of something
What R-O-L-A-I-D-S spells? Partner of arts
More than half Town bordering Plainfield, Buckland, and Charlemont
One who cripples or mutilates Emmanuel Lewis’s TV series
Famed race track, with “Le” Police constable of Dock Green
In good health and shape Style of jazz often played rapidly
Barely expandable alloy of iron and nickel Prods, stirs up, and fuels a fire
Blatch on Sex and the City Sink your teeth into