Reward: Item or Gold!
You can’t help thinking that if you were able to slay the cube, it would taste delicious.


1. Rolling back lame beach party
10. Edited several shows
17. Substitution turning a mop into a top post on a ship?
18. White beast in belt with no shirt at school in Athens
19. Listener’s uninviting collector of fairy tales
22. One of three equal parts of miserable period of time
23. Two tree creatures start to establish alliance
25. Blood enemy’s cold epitaph
26. KFC used to give you these birds, making team leader quiet
28. Lucky place where you’ll find soldiers vomited??
29. Princess and king of Spain sent back person who repairs their own stuff
31. Announced work to obtain pottery
33. Inept cartel stumbling toward the middle
36. Dog abandoning first part of wedding (that might make people cry)
37. Broken Age features no Italian city
41. Roy’s album provoked grins, boos
45. Puzzle contest includes revolutionary mathematical computation
46. Heading to win a room in the tropics?
48. Wrestler John is living in my excellent old city
50. Djokovic peeled eggs
53. Cars from Riyadh, perhaps, shifting left to right
54. Misanthropes breaking hearts
55. Leaving emergency room, Beatrix flipped over car roof
56. Clutching musician's equipment, get rid of hair product
57. Business distributing cold cuts with pretty distribution


2. Rule northern area where there’s grass
3 & 7. Hunk actor’s the unconventional lead in Jobs
4. Brit who creates a cryptic street novel
5. Ask for Em’s notes
6. Veep to Bill: “That is no foreigner”
8. City in Hungary or East Germany
9. Thanks to the British, assault one Polynesian island
11. Baseball team enters before strike
12. Six-minute energy
13. Meathead MacGregor, for one, in uprising
14. Stipe’s group caught in lie about celebrity chef
15. A group of eighties kids circling around insurance office
16. Places to relax endless cramp
18. Last of plan is in, except for strategic baseball play
19. Close to executing primate stare
20. Exasperated klutz initially embroiled in dire arrangement
21. Remove errors in drafts, excising blunders undermining great openings
24. Third Day briefly embraces new melodies
27. Brady's team may back sucker
30. Watch Maker, Part Ten
32. First lady succeeds with regard to Superman actor
33. Tool for navigation companies receiving awkward spam
34. Fish in a Harp cocktail
35. Reorder rum strained into Red Rose
36. Kindle design: it exhibits content
38. Where you’ll find Reno and Eva dancing
39. Bureau rumblings involving ancient gold
40. That guy lifted stuff used to lubricate network operator
41. Cockney makes noises like wolves and birds
42. Force Green Building architect up to the fourth and long
43. Protest singer’s “Trees” on the radio
44. The gods consume this ten-car pileup
45. Times Square’s capital bringing in old and young men
47. Reportedly took a ferry where cars go
49. A heart from Comet or Cupid
51. Doctor gets down economic stat
52. Exodus character saw ruin, defying the odds?