Solution to Round Tripper

Authors: Jason Juang, Erin Rhode, and Harvey Jones

Each image represents a Major League Baseball player. The players on the left are batters, and the players on the right are pitchers. The numbers are decimal ASCII values that encode, respectively, the player's batting average or earned run average. The pie chart shows which teams the player played for, with pie slices proportional to the number of seasons he played for that team. (Seasons in which the player played for multiple teams are split evenly, regardless of the number of games played.) Each player is uniquely identifiable from this information.

The images are laid out in pairs. Each batter/pitcher pair never faced each other in the regular season or postseason, but faced each other in exactly one All-Star Game.

Find the year of the All-Star Game in which the players met. Take the last two digits, and convert that value to an ASCII character to spell RIPSEWELL1946HR.

In the 1946 All-Star Game, the only player to hit a home run off of Rip Sewell was TED WILLIAMS, in what turned out to be his only career plate appearance versus Sewell.

Tony Pena.260 Rollie Fingers2.90 1982 R
Willie Mays.302 Sparky Lyle2.88 1973 I
Rickey Henderson.279 Bruce Sutter2.83 1980 P
Rod Carew.328 Atlee Hammaker3.66 1983 S
Harmon Killebrew.256 Steve Carlton3.22 1969 E
Hubie Brooks.269 Tom Henke2.67 1987 W
Carlos May.274 Phil Niekro3.35 1969 E
Joe Morgan.271 Mark Fidrych3.10 1976 L
Carlton Fisk.269 John Montefusco3.54 1976 L
Stan Musial.331 Mel Parnell3.50 1949 1
Yogi Berra.285 Larry Jackson3.40 1957 9
Pee Wee Reese.269 Bob Lemon3.23 1952 4
Jackie Robinson.311 Sandy Consuegra3.37 1954 6
Reggie Jackson.262 Bob Gibson2.91 1972 H
Willie Wilson.285 Mario Soto3.47 1982 R